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Jaime Blandino, Ph.D.


You've Come This Far...

You've already found the courage to begin the process of finding someone to talk to. Now it's time to think about what you're looking for.  Therapy is an important investment of your time and money, and it usually means stepping out of your comfort zone.  Finding the "right" therapist can therefore be daunting, but it's probably the most important aspect of a productive and effective therapy experience.  Especially if therapy is new to you or if you've had unhelpful experiences in the past, you'll want to sit with someone you can come to trust.  As you read about me, I encourage you to reflect on your own needs and preferences to assess whether my experience and style line up for you.  

Credentials & Experience

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, in private practice since 2006. I received my doctorate in clinical psychology from Georgia State University, training with some of the most revered clinicians in the field.  I completed my post-doctoral training at Emory University, and have experience working, teaching, and supervising in a variety of mental health settings, including hospitals and university counseling centers. My passion, however, is private practice where I can offer my clients the most flexibility and creativity in the way we work together. 

I offer individual and couples therapy, working primarily with adults.  I also offer supervision and consultation services to other mental health trainees and colleagues, and occasionally serve as a consultant for media and television.

Specialty Areas

As a generalist, I am able to treat most concerns people bring to therapy. However, my specific areas of interest and experience include:

  • mood problems (depression, bipolar illness)
  • anxiety problems (social fears, “perfectionism,” generalized anxiety)
  • trauma & PTSD/complex PTSD (childhood or adulthood, acute or chronic)
  • interpersonal concerns (relationship problems, issues around shame & vulnerability)
  • issues around LGBTQ identity, sexuality and gender ("coming out" or questions about gender identity)
  • adjustment & personal growth (divorce, pregnancy, work-life balance, career change, "crises in creativity," life transitions)

Therapeutic Approach

My first priority is to ensure that you feel safe, understood, and accepted in my office.  I have a personable, down-to-earth style, and encourage humor and creativity in our work.  First, you and I will thoughtfully assess your current situation in the context of your unique history, and develop our treatment plan collaboratively. I believe in highlighting areas of strength; those talents and even defenses have "gotten you this far" and together, we will learn how to maximize your natural resilience while easing the vulnerabilities that have you feeling stuck.  I will provide regular and honest feedback about what I think could be helpful as you experiment with making changes in your life. Periodically, I will check in with you about whether our time together feels useful, and we will revise our course if needed. 

I am "classically trained" in interpersonal and humanistic psychotherapy, but I also utilize contemporary treatment paradigms including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS). Both frameworks are non-pathologizing, and work effectively for clients “stuck in their heads” and unable to move forward with value-driven choices. In session, we learn to recognize and invite the protective "Parts" of ourselves that often "step in" when we feel vulnerable, but sometimes get in the way of greater connection and fulfillment. Together we will explore how to get "Self" back in the driver's seat, so that your values are honored and life goals can be reached.

I am also invested in staying current in the fields of interpersonal neurobiology and holistic health, which offer a validating and practical lens for understanding the social and biological mechanisms of mental health.  As trauma and stress "live in the body" I'm particularly invested in helping you understand and restore the complex relationship between your mind and your physiology. To that end, I often utilize and teach mindfulness practices, and may even suggest the use of natural supplements, yoga, and meditation to augment the work we're doing in session.  Finally, we may explore how aspects of your "diversity" (e.g., ethnic, sexual, gender, or socioeconomic) influence you and the ways in which you make choices in your life. Ultimately, my aim is to not only help ease your suffering, but to facilitate a reconnection with your most authentic, whole, and productive self.  

Practice Information

Hours & Availability

I am in the office seeing clients M,T, Th, & F. I am not in the office on Wednesdays or weekends. My first session of the day is at 9:00am and my last one is at 4:00pm, and are scheduled subject to my current availability. Sessions are 50 minutes long, and are scheduled on the hour. 

Regarding Insurance

If you would like to use your health insurance benefits to help pay for therapy, you must first find out if your plan carries "out-of-network" benefits.  After each visit, I provide a statement called a "superbill" which has all the necessary information your insurance company will need in order to reimburse you a portion of my fee. Given that plan benefits vary, I suggest that you call your insurance carrier directly for accurate information about exactly what your plan covers. We can discuss any questions you have about fees, insurance, and payment options during our initial consultation.

The Next Steps


Call me or send me an email! I’d be glad to help you decide if I am the right therapist for you.

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